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Investment Strategy


Kingly’s ‘Global Macro’ approach to model building seeks to take advantage of trends and shifts in macroeconomic developments using a range of strategies. The focus is on the preservation of capital as an overriding principle in the pursuit of returns.


We build a number of technical models with strategies in Equities, Futures FX and Options. Each strategy is traded within fixed risk parameters.


Kingly is actively assessing markets from both a top down and bottom up philosophy. Opportunities are researched in equity, fixed income, commodity and derivative markets with the main purpose to take a balanced approach between risk and return. Markets move in big cycles and longer term risk factors require a longer term view on diversification. This can sometimes mean discretionary objectives are applied to a percentage of portfolios, with means shifts from property, liquid corporate investments, bonds, cash and wealth preservation assets such as gold and BTC need to be evaluated on longer term models.



Kingly’s investment management ethos for trading systems is guided by a “thematic”  market vision and a technical and systematic approach to trading financial markets. Some of the ideas, strategies and techniques used are presented at conferences and events.


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Property Portfolio Management

Bespoke property managment. For more details, please contact us.



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